Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cloudy day

I was hoping to find snow on the ground this morning, but just frost from the dew. It is cold though 23 F or -5 C. I like the cold...the house is cozzy, bundling up to go out, the smell of people's fireplaces going in the neighborhood, the smell of baking in the kitchen, getting together with friends, and the list goes on! This is definetely my favorite time of year.

Today I'm going over to Curt & Melinda's to help stuff the gift bags we have for our Farsi Bible Study Group. We are having a Christmas party for them tomorrow night. This will be a 'first' Christmas for many of them.

Danny had class early this morning then he's going to finish his shopping...3 days before Christmas!!! haha! Remember to keep him in prayer this Sunday as he preaches in German for the first time.


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