Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More Snow

It snowed again over night. It is amazing how snow can make anything look beautiful. Even our compost bin in the back yard looks nice with snow covering it. I don't know how much more snow we are supposed to get, but I know I'm tired of shoveling the driveway. I shoveled it 3 times yesterday and once today. I’m heading to the Browns in a little while to watch their kids and the Lantrip kids play in the snow. They have a great sledding hill behind their house. Who knows, I might even get in on the action myself.

I just talked to Krista on the phone. Their flight went well and they had a good nights sleep at her aunt's house in Richmond, Indiana. Today they are driving about three or four hours to Youngstown, Ohio where her brother is getting married on Friday. Please pray for her and Nate as they travel with Krista's parents.

Well that is about all the news I have for today. Have a great day in the Lord!


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