Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Not much exciting going on here today. I had German class this morning. On the bus ride back I sat beside a friend who is also learning German through the same program in which I'm enrolled. He is a Catholic Priest from Poland. Even though there are blatant differences in our theological beliefs it is nice to be able to discuss "work" with someone who has basically the same occupation. Today, we were discussing the fact that so many people in Austria are more focused on making money for now rather than making plans for eternity. We also agreed that this is the case in both of our homelands. Unfortunately, as a pastor in Austria (or rather in general) I have job security. There are many, many people here who need Christ.

When I got home, Krista was in the middle of making Christmas cookies. I am waiting for them to come out of the oven now. I began this post by saying not much exciting is going on today. On second thought what could be more exciting than homemade sugar cookies fresh out of the oven. Well, I think there almost done. I need to take care of some urgent business.


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