Monday, January 30, 2006

Better late than never!

Today I finally get to start my German class. I've missed the last 2 weeks because they didn't have room for me in the night class. Originally, I was signed up for the mid-day class, but we realized that Danny would also be in class at that time and that would leave us in a jam with Nathan. Also I would have missed my Mother/Child group I'm a part of and after talking with my friend, Penny, going to night classes would be worth it just so I could continue meeting with friends. It's also a place I get to practice my German. So here I go again...I'm really praying that I can get this language down. I have days where I feel pretty confident with what little I know, then I'll struggle getting the most basic phrase out of my mouth and I'm back to square one, or so I feel that way. Keep Danny in mind too, he has a test on February 2nd. If he passes (I know he will, but he's nervous) then he will go into the University here and begin working on a degree.


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