Friday, January 13, 2006

A friend

When I'm struggling with something (like prayer) it seems like things will come in my path that will challenge me. I may be challenged to not get my list of 'to do' done so that I can have a relaxing evening with my guys or the phone will ring, someone will stop by, Nathan won't go to sleep as fast or calmly as usual and before you know it I'm so exhausted I just go straight to bed without ever thanking God for the day or opening my Bible that day like I had planned.

Today I had a friend come and visit and she wanted to know how to get her family to pray. Wow. So I told her what I remembered about my parents teaching us to pray as children. She had so many questions and because Nathan is still so young I couldn't answer all of them because I don't know how I will handle certain situations. We are going to pray this one through together. I told her that now I have another reason to get myself challenged even more...I want to see this become a victory in her family.


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