Monday, January 16, 2006

Nathan's New Toys

Since the subtitle of our blog reads, "Thoughts and happenings of Danny, Krista & Nathan in Graz," I thought I would dedicate today's post to what is going on with Nate. Yesterday at church, his friends, Simon and Peter, gave him some "Bob the Builder" toys they had outgrown. When he got home from church he almost didn't want to eat lunch (which is very unusual) because he really wanted to play with the toys. Since then he has been playing with them virtually every waking moment. He slept with them last night and he wouldn't get in bed tonight without them. He is so proud of them.

It is so awesome to watch him grow up. I can't believe he is almost 20 months old. It seems like only yesterday we were sitting with him in ICU (the longest ten days of my life) wondering if we would ever get to bring him home. When we finally were able to leave the hospital with him we were so afraid we were going to break him. Now I just stare at him in amazement wondering how he hasn't broken himself. He goes full-speed 24-7. I am just thankful (as is Krista) that God allowed me to be a part of his life. He is nowhere close to perfect, but he is my son. If you have kids you understand that. If you don't it is really hard, if not impossible to explain. What a privilege and responsibility to be a parent. Have a great day!


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Christy Middleton said...

Having kids is the best thing in life!! Yes! time about growing up soo fast Kay may start t-ball soon. Sports mom here i come. LOL