Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Two Firsts

Yesterday I performed my first funeral in Austria. It was a difficult situation in the fact that I did not know the family. The man who past away was an American who had married an Austrian women. They lived in Florida up until the July of last year. He had been very sick and the doctors in the States couldn't do much more for him so the decided to see if the doctors here could do something different. He past away on February 21. Since he affiliated himself religiously with Baptists and since we are the only Baptist church in Graz, we were contacted. During the service, I did my best to offer hope, comfort and peace from God's Word, sharing with the family the Jesus was the only source for each of these things. Please pray for the Goodwin family during this time of trial and for us to be able to continue to minister to them.

Also yesterday, we had our first doctor appointment for the new baby. We were able to see the heartbeat on a sonogram. For me, after seeing the heartbeat it becomes so much more real. The doctor told us that everything is normal at this point. Please pray for Krista though as she has been very sick with morning (or is it mourning, ha ha) sickness lately. All else is going good here. Have a great day!


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