Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Tomorrow I'll go to the University and find out what my test results are from last week. I will then get my class schedule and begin on Thursday. I know this will be good for me, but I am not looking forward to going to class 5 days a week. However, this is the best time, because after this semester I will have 2 kids at home and it would be much harder to attend school full time. I am praying that my morning (all day actually) sickness will quickly fade. It really affects my day.

Danny was out of town today at a conference which he will probably write about tomorrow. Danny left before Nathan woke up. This confused Nathan so he kept looking for Danny all day. I keep our bedroom door closed so he doesn't get into trouble and he was just so sure that his Daddy was in there and made me open the door so he could check it out himself. He wasn't too thrilled when he didn't find his Daddy. It was really cute.

Have a good week!


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