Friday, March 17, 2006

Role Reversal

This week has been somewhat of an adjustment for our family. Since Krista is now a full-time German student, I am staying home to take care of Nathan. Though I strongly encouraged (if not pushed) her to study the language full-time for at least one semester, I have to admit I struggling a little in my new role. It has helped me to understand what she goes through on a normal day. Being a mom is a whole lot harder than it looks. My biggest struggle has been trying to balance between looking after Nathan and giving him the attention he deserves and doing the ministry work I need to be getting done, such as personal Bible study and sermon preparation. I'm sure I will get the hang of it eventually. Just in case I don't you might pray for me.

The change has been difficult on Krista as well. She is realizing that being a full-time language student is not as easy as it seems. Now she understands why I would come home from class totally exhausted though I really not put forth any physical exertion. The mental strain is immense. I think this time has caused both of us to appreciate so each other so much more. It is an invaluable experience that few couples have the opportunity to endure. Pray that we can in fact, endure it. Have a great day!


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