Friday, April 14, 2006

How embarassing!

Last night (Thursday) we were at church for a service. We all sat at tables in a circle and read Scripture and sang songs before the Lord's Supper. During a prayer, our son, Nathan, released "air" that carried a scent with it. The teens were sitting near by and were struggling to hold the giggles in, when the "Amen" was said, the rest of the room joined in the laughter. I was so embarassed and of course, Nathan had no clue, just smiled back at everyone who had turned to look at him. Never a dull moment!

On a serious, but proud note. Danny was asked to give a short devotion during this prayer time. He wasn't sure of who would be there to translate so he decided to write it out in German. He did a great job! He of course was sooooo nervous and got a word or two mixed up with another, but he was understood. God knew his heart.

We are going to hang out with the Lantrip family tonight and play a board game we've all learned (it's a German game), it was funny the first time with our dictionaries out to understand the rules, but a year and a half later we're good at it, the game is called 'Catan' (last we looked you can only find it online in the states and is quite expensive for the English version). Danny doesn't like to be reminded that I've won more than he has! haha!

Have a great weekend!!


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Sonya said...

I love Catan! I haven't seen it in stores yet here, but I have played online many times!!!