Thursday, April 20, 2006

Prayer requests

This past week I've been able to meet up with 2 of my classmates and have coffee or just sit in a cafe enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. These are also the 2 friends that would like to begin reading the Bible with me. Please pray for these developing friendships.

Also, please keep a friend of ours (our Youth Pastors wife), Penny in prayer. She had to have surgery yesterday to fix a hole in her heart. Derald, her hubby, reported all went well and now is trying to recover. She is so young to be having this problem! Pray for quick healing and for Derald & the kids as they try to care for her and keep up with everyday life too.

Danny & I are beginning to make plans for a German speaking "house group" Bible study. We'd like to pull our contacts together (mainly from our German classes) and start in the near future. Please pray for us to be sensitive to God's directing.

School starts back up for me on Monday and I just don't have the energy to 'want' to go's very necessary for me, but I just have a lot of other things I'd rather do. Haha! If you know me, then you know school is not easy for me. Pray for strength and a growing desire to learn.

Lastly, continue to keep the Starrett family in prayer. If you've been reading our blog for at least a few weeks then you know about the loss of our friend and staff member at our home church, Tommy. Please continue to pray for Angi and their kids, Eric, Jason, and Whitney.

Ok, I know I've written a lot about requests, but I believe that it is beneficial to have other Believers praying together for each other. I know it's a blog, but you can post a comment and it will be delivered to our email and if you have something you'd like us to pray about, please let us know! If you have time read James 5, it gives some good insight on praying for one another.


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