Thursday, May 18, 2006

Being Neighborly

I had the opportunity to speak with some of my neighbors today that I have never spoken to before. I always wave when see them and they always wave back, but we have never been able to speak face to face until today. The man is actually a relative of my neighbor, who is an elderly woman. Most of the time she stays either inside her house (especially when it is cold) or in her yard which is surrounded by nine foot high hedges so there is rarely an opportunity to speak with her. The man visits her often, to check on her, I assume. It just so happened that today we where both working out in the yard at the same time and they were both outside the yard cutting the grass between the fence and the street. Though we did not have an in depth conversation and we did not speak about anything remotely religious, I was able to make contact. I have now had a conversation with each family on my street except one. They, too, are a bit reclusive. I have shared with most that I have talked to what we are doing in Austria and they have all been rather accepting of us. I hope to be able to continue to build on these relationships in the future and in time be able to share Christ with them. I am thankful for each opportunity that God gives me to speak with people no matter how deep or shallow the conversation is because I know that each new time I speak with a person the conversation has the ability to go deeper. It all begins with being neighborly though. Have a great day and make a new friend!


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