Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dinner with friends

We had dinner last night with 2 of my friends from Deutsch class and their spouses and some of their friends. We went to a restaurant that looked like a 'hole in the wall' called "Braun de Praun", but the food was delicious! We sat outside and once the sun went down it was nice and cool. This restaurant boasts of having the longest menu and believe me, I think they're right! Someone said they thought it was over 300 items. I didn't have time to count, but I'd believe it. We didn't meet till a little after 8pm (you could tell we were the only ones with a child) and Nathan was with us, we arrived at home at 11:45pm! He was a good boy for the most part... my girlfriends from class are in love with him so he didn't really lack for attention. It was fun meeting new people and learning some more about Austrian cuisine. Pray for Danny & I as we continue to make friends here in Austria and show God's love.


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