Friday, July 21, 2006

This week

On Tuesday I had lunch with some friends from school at our teachers house. We had a great time! Nathan came with me and loved Frau Wolf's (Mrs. Wolf) dog, Max. Her garden was just beautiful and she had grape vines growing over her patio so we sat underneath the shade of grapes. It was a great afternoon.

Nathan continues to grow up faster and faster each day. I can't hardly keep up with him anymore... at this point in my pregnancy he can easily outrun me... and he knows it too! He does have his moments where he can be the sweetest little boy in the whole wide world... then something will set him off and he becomes a part of the group called "Terrible Two's". This makes for some fun and not so fun days.... it's never dull around our house. I'm 28 weeks along and ready to meet this little boy. The heat just makes for uncomfortable days. I explain the weather like this: No, it's not actually that hot here in Austria, compared to the Philippines where I grew up or in Texas where I also spent time living. However, when you do not have airconditioning in your home or car, there is no where to "escape" the heat and cool off. Thus, it's very hot. I'm a hot-natured person normally anyway, but now that I'm pregnant... I'm a walking sauna! Haha!!

Hope you're not sweating away and having a good day!!


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