Friday, August 18, 2006

Long time...

Well, I guess I'm not doing all that good of a job keeping up with this! We landed fine on the 3rd and have been running ever since. One wedding down, one to go! David's wedding went well and now we're preparing for Zandra's. We are currently in Ft. Worth visiting my family and enjoying Grama's cooking! Nathan was a spoiled little boy before we ever landed in the U.S. now he's a VERY spoiled little boy! We have some re-programing to do :) ha! Thanks for keeping up with us...I'll try to do better, but I think it may be in Graz when I write again. Pray for safety and all the lines I know we're going to have to stand in once we get to the airport on the 29th! My pregnancy is good too, I'm tired a lot! I have 8 weeks left till the due date.


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