Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hospital tour

Yesterday, we toured the hospital that I will deliver our baby boy. It was nice. The recovery room looked like a room in the U.S. and the labor/delivery room was somewhat normal till you see the corner of the room that had a ladder on the wall, a rope hanging from the ceiling, a bouncy ball in the corner, 2 huge mattresses stacked on each other. The midwife (our tour guide) said it's for helping with labor, etc. I said that I planned on having some pain killers and wasn't planning on moving around a lot! haha! My first thought was that they had a place for your other kids to play while you delivered...hahaha! Nathan would've had a great time there. There is no parking garage/lot, just on the street which seems to be always full and you have to pay! I think we'll have someone take our car and move it when Danny brings me in, there's no way we can leave it there since I'm expected to stay 5 days for a normal birth! How crazy is that?!?! In the U.S. if you had a normal birth: 3 days - no more and sometimes even before the actual 3 days is used up. I'd rather 'heal' at home anyway. Oh well, it may be nice to get some extra sleep/attention for a bit. My only complaint was the lack of thought in the parking and that's just because I'm trying to think of all Danny will have on his mind and the last thing I want him to worry about is 'Where do I park?' and having to wonder if we'll make it.. haha!


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