Monday, September 25, 2006


We woke up this morning to a dense fog outside. It eventually cleared off, but it left the grass pretty wet for most of the day. All in all things have been pretty quite around here today. Between stints of working in my office, I have helped Krista take care of some of the last minute cleaning she wanted to be done before the new baby comes. One thing is for sure, his arrival is closer today than it was yesterday. Other than that it is a waiting game. Judging by the way Krista has been feeling, it won't be too long, though. Either way we are ready.

Please pray for our ministry colleagues, the Browns. Curt left today to drive to Munich to pick up Melinda and Ben from the airport (Curt and Emily flew in two weeks ago). Their flight arrives around 8:00 in the morning, then they have to make the five hour drive back home to Graz.

As far as I know, our other team members, the Lantrips, are doing well. Sarah is hosting a baby shower for Krista on Saturday. She has invited several of Krista's friends to attend and I know that Krista is really looking forward to it.

Well that pretty much does it news wise for today. As I said before it has been a pretty quite and uneventful day. I hope yours is going well.


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