Thursday, September 14, 2006


Well, since I'm the one that's been writing lately (Danny's been busy with work and signing up for Univ.) you're hearing alot of what I think and feel. If you're a guy and are tired of that... so sorry, that's part of being me :)

So I am beginning to feel some anxiety toward having another baby. Just thinking of all the differences here and my only other experience (Nathan's birth) it's hard not to wonder how things will go. I worry about how Nathan will do, I worry about my responsibilities to my family, I worry about being away from my family, I worry about the stress that Danny goes thru, I worry about finances, I worry about ________, you could fill the blank in yourself because we all have something that plagues our mind... for some of us it's the everyday things, for others it's the future or a health issue, it's a family problem, it's a job problem. No matter what it is we ALL have something that we can't shake out of our minds at times. But I have to keep telling myself, in any situation that I may be in, that God is in control. He is my Peace. He is my Rock. My Fortress. My Anchor. My Help in time of need. He is my Provider. The list could go on and on and on... Christ is ALL I need. It's such a shame that sometimes my 'old self' takes over and I waste precious time worrying when I could be going thru the day with a peace of mind. I'm fully aware it's easier said than done, but daily time with God makes it easier to say and then believe.

I'm praying that I put God first... daily. It makes all the difference.


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