Monday, October 02, 2006

Dr. appointment

Today at 12 noon I have an appt. and I'm praying she'll send us to the hospital. I'm so tired of being pregnant! I have a feeling though this isn't going to be my day :( My baby shower on Saturday was great! There were friends from the church we had attended the last 2 years, the A-team girls, and a neighbor of the Browns I've become friends with as well. My friends from school were out of town. We played games and had a good time seeing the cultures collide in some of our answers! haha! I'm thankful for friends who wanted to celebrate the upcoming birth of our son. What a blessing! I'll write a follow up later today on our appointment... if possible :)


Ok, I went and nothing new. I was quite sad. I'm still "on my way", just not today.

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