Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Dad

On Tuesday of this week I got a phone call from my Mom saying she had taken my Dad to the ER because he thought he might've had a mild heart attack that morning at the house while my Mom was at work. Needless to say how the emotions started flowing! I thought though for the longest time she was talking about my Grampa (her dad) because his health isn't good and we're just waiting for that phone call, and the phone connection was breaking up, but she said they just called my Dad's name over the PA system to triage and she couldn't find him (she parked the car after she dropped him off)....that's when it hit me... something about this conversation is off... Who is at the hospital and why is she talking about Dad? I felt like I had been slammed into a wall. Now I know exactly what my parents were feeling when they got phone calls when they were in the Philippines. I knew it was hard as a kid to hear Grandparents were sick, but now it's MY parents and I can't be there to help or comfort.

So... my Dad had tests and a surgerical procedure done yesterday (Wed.) and yes, he DID have a mild heart attack. One of his right valves were 80% blocked, they put a stint in and he's doing better. There was some damage and some 'abnormalities' in his left valve. His blood pressure medication is possibly what brought all this to light... and a blessing that is then because they wouldn't have found the blockage. He's only 52, works out, runs, etc. However, he does have to make some diet changes.

Now with Christmas almost here what a way to make the family time more real. I wish I could be there with them... my brothers, their wives, and my granparents will all be together this Christmas day. I know I am where God wants me, but it stinks sometimes. Sorry to be so blunt, but I'd be lying if I said things were always just easy going and we never felt anything while living here away from family and good friends. So keep us in prayer, my dad & mom, other missionaries who are dealing with a lot worse family health issues, or have kids in college and can't celebrate the holidays with them (I've been there too). Danny & I would rather be in God's will, on the other side of the ocean... than next door and out of His will.

Hug your families and be thankful for them... especially if you're blessed to live near them.


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Naomi said...

hey Krista, thanks for sharing ... the distance is hard especially at this time of year. You guys are in our thoughts. Oh and I've really enjoyed the pics of your family. Kids are such a blessing!! Love, Naomi