Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Danny's 29th

Today we celebrated Danny's birthday. I went to my Mother/Child group early this morning and left him a quiet house (with 2 kids that's a great gift now-a-days!) to sleep in a little bit then go to work in his office without interuption (also a great gift). I then arranged for a baby-sitter and we went out to the 'old city' as I like to call it and walked around down town Graz...we both really enjoying being down there and the street cars, etc. Then for dinner he chose a Kebap shop (Turkish sandwich). He likes them a lot.

I made him a birthday cake and got very creative with the flavor of the home-made frosting. I added coffee!!! Mmmmm GOOD! We were both impressed and surprisingly not bouncing off the walls today :) Nathan helped sing "Happy Birthday" and was very much ready for the cake. I actually made it yesterday and so you can imagine how impatient Nathan has been waiting for the moment we could dig in. haha!

Danny is a wonderful Daddy! Nathan craves his attention....even while receiving the attention. haha! They both wrestle around on the living room floor and Micah watches from the safe view on my lap. One day they'll both be taking on their Daddy and I do think the boys will win ;) Nathan is pretty tough. I was talking to him the other day while putting my make-up on and he was asking questions about what I was doing. "Mommy is a girl. Girls wear make-up sometimes. Nathan is a boy. Boys don't wear make-up." I said to him. "Daddy is a man, he doesn't wear make-up either." I continued to tell him. Then Nathan says loudly and with his fist to his chest, "I A MAAANNN!" Oh how fast they grow up.

Happy Birthday, Danny!


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