Friday, February 02, 2007


Is it really February already?!?! I guess Micah's hospital stay took up most of January and my Mom's visit made it fly by quickly. This month will be full of activity as well. Danny will celebrate his last 20-something birthday next Wednesday, 3 members of the Ateam will also have birthdays, Danny will be teaching in a Sunday Bible study in German (he is usually the translator), he is also helping the Baptist church in Graz with an outreach program that will take place in April but preparations are well under way now.

We read in the newspaper last week that for the month of January there were more sick babies in the children's hospital than the ENTIRE last year in Graz. I remember commenting to Danny that they seemed to be really busy with sick kiddos, but the week we left things had started to slow down and babies were being released. We still haven't had much of a winter. We really need a good, long freeze to kill off viruses & bacteria. That's my take on the weather & illnesses :)

Please keep our home church in prayer. This weekend they will be saying good-bye to our Associate Pastor (was the Youth Pastor till they hired a new couple). He & his family have taken the Pastorate at his home church in Colorado. Derald, Penny, Ty, & Kimberly will be missed so very much!!!! God is going to do great things with them. There are also great things for Central up ahead, I just know it!! It's always sad to see good friends move on, but wouldn't want anything but God's will for them or Central.

Well, it's bath & bedtime for the boys...have a great weekend!!


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