Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Overdue Update

It has been a really busy few weeks here. I hate that I've not kept up with this better, but sometimes time just gets away. I'll try to give a run-down of what's gone on. This may be choppy...

After MANY trips up to the University I was given a place to study. I actually ran into a teacher I had and she said she'd look into it for me. I returned the next day and got my schedule-yeah! Tuesdays are going to be hard. I won't be home till after 7pm :( But on a positive note...the teacher who helped me is also my main teacher. I really liked her before and she knows I have 2 kids so she'll understand 'that look' on some days :) haha!

Nathan & I had colds last week. Danny has felt "under the weather". Micah has bronchitis....AGAIN! We are all on the mends thankfully! Please keep Micah in prayer. I really don't want to spend more time in the hospital. The weather has been the main culprit. It was so nice & warm a couple of weeks ago then it snowed for 3 days. This week has been up & down too.

Last month, we were able to see a supporting Pastor who was also Danny's youth Pastor back in the days. Don & Becky were here along with 2 other families we knew from our time in college. It was good to see them.

My parents are moving to Texas! They have accepted the position of Associate Pastor at our home church in Sulphur Springs. We're so excited to be near them when we make trips back to the States!

Danny has been asked to preach a few times at a church in Graz. He'll be preaching again this Sunday for Easter. He has taught in German before but it's a little nerve wracking when most of the listeners are fluent German speakers. Danny has taught in other Bible studies before and currently teaches in German on Sunday afternoons too. He has done very well with speaking German.

I think that's all the highlights. So we're doing good with lots on our plates. Feel free to comment on the blog and keep in touch with us that way as well. Have a great week!


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