Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spelling & German

So I'm sitting in class and we're writing sentences in all sorts of different grammatical ways. I need to know the word "shade" in German. I went to the English portion of my dictionary and would you know... it's not there! I couldn't believe it. Now how was I supposed to write this sentence if I didn't know an important word to make my point?!? So I erased it and picked another topic. Suddenly it hit me (after all the erasing). In English we don't spell "shade" with a 'c', duh! In German most words that have the 'sh' sound are spelled 'sch'. I was searching for "schade". head hurts. Don't worry... "shade", if spelled correctly IS in the dictionary! Just thought you'd like to know how my brain was working after 4 hrs. of class and still 1 hr. more to go. It's been a long day so I'm off to spend some time with my boys before bedtime and then homework. Have a wonderful day!!


PS-the German word is 'Schatten' in case you wondering :)

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