Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Test results

Yesterday I had a HUGE test over everything I've learned this entire semester. I don't need to tell those of you who know me well that I hate taking test. I get nervous and 'lock-up'. My stomach gets tight and uneasy. The reason I didn't mention this yesterday is because I felt that writing it out would make me even more nervous! It took 3 hrs. and I'm so glad it's over. I think we find out today how we did. I still have the rest of this week and all of next before school is out. I'm ready for summer!!!

Now for a little family update:

Nathan is full of energy! He's loving going outside all day. He is doing so much better with his potty training. He's finally stopping what he's doing (most of the time) to go run to the toilet. Yeah! I'm praying he really 'gets this' by our plane trip in August. His speech is much better too. He still stutters at times, but it's not as bad as it was when I started school. Nate is also a great big brother. He doesn't like to hear Micah cry. He'll run get the paci and give it to Micah while saying, "It's ok...it's ok...ssshhh..." So sweet!

Micah is pulling up on everything, not to mention how he's perfected crawling! He has a total of 6 teeth now. The top 2 finally came in. He adores Nathan and wants to be in the same room with him. Start praying for us and our trip in August to the U.S. I'm a bit nervous having 2 kids on the plane and because of the $$ Micah will be riding in my lap. Nathan has always flown soooo good! I'm praying Micah is just as easy going and care-free.

Danny is busy meeting with a couple of guys and praying to make a spiritual impact on them. This morning a friend of mine from school last year flew to States because her husband got a new job. She was the friend I was able to give a Bible to last year. We were able to read over it a few times and I'm just praying the seeds will take root one day. God is good though... I've met a handful of new people in the last few weeks that are not moving and I look at it as God helping replace those that are moving. We're praying we're ever mindful of those God places in our paths. What a responsibility!!!


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