Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Pictures

We attempted family pictures in our backyard this past week. It was a nice day and the boys were in good moods (thanks to just waking up from naps and the promise of a yummy snack). As much as I enjoy taking pictures it's quite amazing that I've not been traumatized from my childhood. I remember taking family pictures as a kid and for some reason the "prayer card" picture was always the most stressful ;) For some reason that day I wouldn't want to be near Matt or Zach... 'she/he's touching me' or Matt wasn't standing up straight or Zach was looking away just as the picture was taken. Dad was whispering threats or giving us the little pinch under the arm. "You'd better smile and stand up straight or else" Hmmm... how many kids do you know feel like smiling after being pinched or threatened?!?!?!?! -LOL- Mom was always calm and collected. Ohhhh, I'm so much like my dad when it comes to pictures...thankfully, I know it. Maybe the madness can stop!!! hahaha! (Dad, I love ya!) I will say that there came a point where you heard, "ok, Nathan look here smile, Micah-hey lookey here, ok, DANNY.... look at the camera!" Do you see what I have to work with now?!? haha! Have a wonderful weekend.


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doro said...

very, very cute!