Saturday, July 21, 2007

So true

Danny has this little plaque in his office from his ordination and I love the quote/prayer. It's so true of MY life.

"O God, I'm not where I want to be; I'm not even where I think I should be. But thank you Lord, I'm not where I used to be."

Have a great Sunday, wherever you go to worship!


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Tina said...

Hello! It's good to "meet" you! I think I knew someone from your family; back when I was a student at BBC, my piano player for voice lessons was a Wiese...I just don't remember her first name. Of course, I have also been introduced to Bro. Terry. I am glad that you wrote & I am humbled that you have been reading my posts. I have spent some time on your today, but have also saved the page to read more later. How long have you been in Austria? Maybe this is the start of a god given friendship! May God bless your day!