Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wedding pictures

Well, two posts in one day! Now that's great news for some of you who have gotten on to me for getting behind. Thanks though for understanding that life just hasn't slowed down in the last couple of weeks for me to even remember that I haave a blog!

Bekah & Joey were married August 24th at a beautiful outside wedding. Danny was the "preacher-dude" (as one kid said that saw him in Walmart after the wedding), I was a bridesmaid and Nathan was a Bible bearer. Micah was a perfect little member of the audience. Bekah is Danny's sister and we had a great time getting to know Joey thru the pre-marital counseling we had with them the week of the wedding. They're now in Florida starting their new life. Bekah is in Grad school for Physical Therapy and Joey is a fireman in training. Pray for them as they begin their life together.


ps-the picture with Micah has his Aunt Britney holding him (Danny's brother, David was married last year in August to Brit)

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