Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We are on the road again. We've made it to Springfield and staying with Matt & Sherina this week. Zach & Jill were here to greet us tonight and Nathan ate up all the attention. Micah was a bit overwhelmed, but happy to see everyone.

My mom will be driving up this Thursday so that she can be here for Micah's 1st birthday on Friday, October 12. I can NOT believe how time has flown this year. My baby is walking, chattering, and just growing up!!!

We'll be reporting to 2 churches this week and looking forward to thanking them for praying for us and supporting us these last few years. Hopefully, we'll be able to run into some friends as well. Have a great week!


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Lance2france said...

Yeah, hopefully you will get to see some old friends this week.