Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Ok, I know we seem to have fallen off the face of the earth but I can't really begin to tell you how busy we've been! I don't want to really explain because it'll make my head hurt ;) I will share some pics of the last few weeks.

Yup, that's me grillin' burgers. Those were the some of the best tasting burgers.... ok, enough bragging! haha

Me & Mom

Jenn, an old college friend with her Micah and my Micah in Colorado. It's so awesome to reconnect with people even if only for a night.

We were able to have lunch with friends that live in France now... but also old college friends. The funny thing about our families are all the similarities. It's actually pretty scary at times--from birthdays (Micah and Aliyah are 5 hrs. apart--originally scheduled to be 1 week apart), interests, some family stuff, hair styles, and now after reading her blog .... our oldest chose the same theme for October 31st! This is getting weird, Amy ;)

We stayed with a great family-Larry & Vicki- for a conference in Missouri and we had a hayride, bonfire, 4-wheelin', and just a great time. Thanks guys!!!

Also, at the conference in Missouri the church's theme was "World Serious" it turned out that the World Series started that night as well. They had 'Slugger' come and sign autographs and the man behind the mask gave a great testimony of how God has blessed his family. It was a fun conference and a blessing to us.

I'll put some pics up of the boys and their costumes later. Hope this gives you a glimpse of our travels. Did you catch that we were in Colorado & Missouri... and I didn't mention but also New Mexico, Wyoming, and our home base--Texas. We've done a lot of traveling and we can NOT wait to get HOME to Austria. We've been blessed beyong belief and have enjoyed seeing God provide our needs. He's so good!


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