Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Here is a short video of what the holiday of Krampus (December 5th) is about. These men dress up and scare kids then Nicolaus comes and brings them under his control (you'll notice when he arrives they are pulling his sleigh) and he soothes the kids and all his helpers pass out candy. I know it's part of the culture here in Austria but I absolutely despise this part. I'll admit I'm easily frightened myself and to think that parents actually bring their children to these places so they can see these creatures is beyond me! I also am a parent to a 3 1/2 yrs. & 1 yr. old and what the sight of Krampus would do to them is almost more than my mothers heart can bear. We stayed home today so as not to be anywhere we might could've run into them. Last year Nate & I were stuck in THE MALL with them while Danny and newborn Micah were getting the car. I found a jewelry shop to hide in--as you can see they are large and would probably break something so I thought that would be the safest place. Nate heard the cow bells and chains but not the actual Krampus--thankfully. So welcome to our world--at least this day of the year.

**WARNING** Maybe very upsetting to younger ones (if you didn't catch my drift in the paragraph above)!! Thanks to Emily for finding this. Many have asked me about it and well, not you can see for yourself.


The text in the beginning says: they know who you are---they know where you live---they will find you.
The middle says: Think about it they're still here
The text at the end says: they are always still here---now they are gone---but they will be back.

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MusiK said...

Wow--that video is just creepy! And it's not like cheesy halloween masks...the costumes are like orks from Lord Of The Rings! (Pretty vivid.)

Isn't it interesting, though, that St. Nicholas is dressed like the Pope? And that the culture recognizes there is evil in the world that must be subdued by a "holy" person?

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!