Wednesday, December 19, 2007

White Christmas

After supper a few nights ago I told Nathan he could watch a movie before going to bed. He went to the living room to pick one out and handed me 'White Christmas'. I was so tickled at his choice (because it's my favorite holiday movie of all time in the whole entire world.... I'll watch it year 'round if Danny would allow me) that I had to ask him why he chose that movie. He said, "It's my favorite!". Danny is worried ;) When Nathan doesn't know he has an audience you can find him in his room or the living room (wherever it's playing on tv) dancing around and trying to mimic the singers/dancers. His 'moves' however, are not to be bragged on. Sadly, he got his rhythm or lack thereof from his Daddy :) haha! It is fun to watch Nathan develop and even more so when you watch him & Micah interact. There is usually laughing and some crying involved. Ahhh... siblings.

Here are the promised pictures from our snowy weekend. By the way, this is just in our driveway!!!


PS- Still no news on the visa situation from those who we've made contact with. Keep praying! God is going to do something great.

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