Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good News & Guests

Good News:

I know I wrote nearly 2 weeks ago that we had received confirmation from a friend that we had our visas, but today we received the official letter from the visa office. We've been very excited and felt the burden lifted for awhile now, but it was really nice to see the 'official' confirmation. So we need to bring updated pictures of the boys to the office and our normal fees and we are good to go. God is so good and we are blessed to see how He worked it all out. We are thankful!!!

More Good News:

Tomorrow a new missionary family will be arriving. The Brinlee's are actually going to be moving to Slovenia. Since they don't know anyone there and we're just under 2 hrs. away from where they will begin ministering, we invited them to fly into our city and get over jet lag here. We'll be helping them move there and get over the border. Pray for their safety as they are traveling today and will be saying those dreaded 'See you later' words and all the emotions that go with it. We're excited to be able to have guests and minister to them as well.

I'll try to keep writing but with another family staying with us, a family of 5 that is... I may be lost in the kitchen and laundry room for awhile ;) hahaha! Comment, email, or call to let us know how you are too. I know many of you read this because you've said you do, but feel free to comment on the blogs... they are emailed to us...it's nice to know that someone's "listening".


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