Tuesday, January 08, 2008

update soon

I'll be writing and posting pics soon of Nate's first day/week of preschool--haven't downloaded them yet and really we just have a lot going on in the next few of days. We have a couple coming over for coffee tonight. Tomorrow I have a mother/child group and on Thursday we're having brunch with another family that we've been getting to know and can't wait to see God work in that relationship!! Friday--well, I don't have my planner in front of me but I just have a feeling there's something on that day--oh wait! Seriously, I just remembered, how could I forget?!?! After a year of saving up and saving our love offerings (gifts from churches we were at this past summer/fall) we are picking up a "new-to-us" car! I'll write about that later too. Then the weekend is upon us with all the busy-ness that brings. I really am blessed and so happy to be serving God here!

Have a great day!


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