Monday, March 31, 2008

Things Nate has said...

My last post inspired me to jot a few things down that Nate says randomly through-out the week. He keeps us laughing!

Listening to a video podcast sermon-

"...our Jesus? Our Jesus is in Heaven?!?!"

"He's our Rock?"

During family devotions-

"Jesus is in my sock."

Going to a public bathroom-

"Is this for boys or for the mommies and boys?"

* I don't think I need to mention the questions that arise as to why he stands and I don't... I just hope some of those ladies don't understand his English."

Waking him up one morning for school-

(Mom) "Hey Sunshine! Good Morning!"

(Nate in a very sleepy voice) "Mommm... the sunshine is outside (getting up and opening curtains and pointing). I'm Nate."

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Amanda said...

how cute! gotta love the mind of a child :)