Monday, April 28, 2008

Puzzle Time

Nathan has found a new interest- puzzles. He can sit at the table for hours just singing and chatting away with whoever is in the room. I love watching him work... Nate has his own way of working thru the pieces. It's not how I would've done it--LOL! He likes it when Danny or I help him... well, I know it's really our attention he wants because he ends up telling us where to put this piece or that piece, etc. :)

Hope you had a great weekend. Our Bible study went great and we've grown in the last 2 weeks! It's always exciting to see how God brings people together.


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The Hull Munchkins said...

Your boys are getting so big!

Thanks for the potty training tips! I like the sticker idea. We've been using small marshmallows for rewards, but I'd rather not give him something to eat EVERY time he goes in the potty. Yikes! I think yesterday he must have sat on it 50 times (not all successful of course).

I'm trying to enjoy this "short" time in his development. It's fun, right?! (email)