Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cherry Pickin' time!

We have one big cherry tree and it gives us more than we need every year. This weekend was time to pick them and so it was a family ordeal. Nathan really enjoys it and likes to eat them right off the tree. Micah liked them too, but wanted more than anything to climb the ladder and pick his own. So we found a few limbs that he could clean off. This tree gives sweet cherries that are perfect for a warm summer day snack under the tree... but difficult with which to cook. So I looked online and found a Sweet Cherry Cobbler. Danny said it was pretty good.

Have a great weekend!


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kristin said...

Hey Krista I love these pictures. I was wondering how you get the tones muted? It looks antiqued or something. I have an old version of Photoshop elements (5.1, i think) that I like to experiment with. What program do you use?