Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sick boy

Pray for Micah. I took him to the Dr. this afternoon and he has a bad double ear infection, croup, and laryngitis! I'm just so thankful though that his lungs were clear. He is having a hard time breathing with all the coughing he's doing. Some of you may remember last year and how he spent 13 days in the hospital with RSV & a very bad case of bronchitis. He was a very sick boy. So even though he's miserable I'm very grateful that it's not in his lungs. We've all been sick over the last month but whenever Micah catches it, he really catches it!

Nathan had his end of the school year party today--but there's still 2 1/2 weeks of school left! haha! Their last day is the 4th of July. I am still trying to get used to the fact that he's still in school and it's mid-June. The reason for the party was because every year they plan the party it has rained. The school has a big, beautiful 'garden' ( think of a glorified back yard, but they call back yards/playgrounds 'gardens' here). Guess what... it rained today! I felt so bad for the teachers that were trying to make this a better planned day for the kids. But it was really just a drizzle. Nate had so much fun. They had little booths and fun things to do and all had a hand painted shirt from their own hands they had worked on earlier. Now because of the lack of sleep last night due to Micah's constant waking with his coughing, I was thrown this morning with the plans of the day. The parents were encouraged to stay and get to know other parents, play with the kids, etc. I was originally going to go because Danny is usually pretty busy in the mornings, but I had decided to get myself ready to take Micah to the Doctor. So Nate and Danny drove off to school. A minute or two after they left I realized what I had to do this morning. So I called Danny and the great Dad that he is stayed with Nate for the morning. Nate came in the door at lunch time saying "Mom, we looked for treasure today!". It was so cute. In the big sandbox/pit they had buried shells and everyone had to dig for them.

I canceled my tutoring session today because I didn't think I'd have the energy, but as it turns out I wouldn't have even been home in time. I was at the dr.'s office all afternoon then to the pharmacy for 3 different meds. When I got home Micah wanted to go to bed and so we had an easy dinner. Now I sit here with both boys in bed (hopefully for the night) listening to the France vs. Italy fußball game (soccer) with Danny. I'm exhausted.

Tomorrow I'm going to a mother & child group/Bible study that I've been a part of since we moved here. The sweet woman who's been leading it is taking a break (just from leading) and it's our last meet for the summer and so her last one to lead. Danny will keep Micah at home for me, but he can do computer work upstairs so his morning won't be completely shot.

Ok, so now that you know exactly what we did today I'll let you go. haha.


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