Thursday, August 14, 2008

I see the moon...

... and the moon sees me!

Ok, the reason I'm writing about this: Tonight while driving home from being at a friends house Nate and I had a funny conversation. It started when he couldn't find the moon so as we drove he kept a look out for it.

Mom: "Oh, look Nate! I found the moon. Straight ahead."
Nate: "Mom, that's not the moon. That's the earth" (by the way... it WAS the moon!)
Mom: "I'm sure that's the moon because we live on earth."
Nate: "Oh, then that must be the other earth"
Mom: "I don't think so sweet Nate.... God made the earth and we live on it."
Nate: "Hmmm.... then who lives on the moon?"

Ok... you get the point. It was hilarious and so innocent. I truly love having talks with Nathan. He's 4 yrs. old and full of questions.


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