Monday, October 20, 2008

Football Pictures

So here are some pictures of Danny's first game. They won 42-10, but it wasn't that much of a challenge they said. The other team had only 3 guys on the sidelines! They also had 3 injuries. You had to feel bad for them. But these are just exhibition games too. The Styrian Bears are a new team and trying to become a recognized team in the league. So they have to host 2 home games and play 2 away games. The season actually begins in the Spring. The Bears have played their 2nd game and lost. But they kinda knew going into it because the team from Vienna was very good. It was a good learning game Danny said. Danny has been able to pray before the games and give a spiritual "talk" too. He's really enjoying the experience. The boys and I are so proud of him for all his hard work. Every time Micah sees football on t.v. (we get the European channel for ESPN) he screams, "Daddy pa fooball" (Danny play football). LOL!

I can't believe I still haven't gotten a picture of just Danny in his gear. After his game he went to the locker room & changed before I could get a shot of just him.

While Danny was physically exhausted from hitting and being hit by guys, I teased him that it couldn't have been near as tiring as having the boys all day ;) You see, Danny left early to have lunch with the team, give a devotional, suit up, etc. The boys knew what was going so answering the question "Are we going to see Daddy play yet?" or "Mom, we don't want to be late" was funny at first. There was also the Graz annual marathon so many, many main roads were closed for the runners and so the traffic for detours was ridiculous! It took me an hour and 15 min. to get to my destination that was only about 25 min. away. I also had the tickets friends had bought from Danny so I needed to get to the gate ASAP, but got a call on my cell phone while unloading the boys that a few friends were already up there. Oops. A few friends met me by the car and that was nice to help reign in the boys who were beside themselves with excitement. I had cupcakes for everyone we invited in celebration of Micah's birthday and finally got to the game after hugs and kisses on each cheek (Austrian custom). For the next couple of hours I was Mom, hostess, game explainer (yeah, I found that funny too since I still don't know everything about football), food provider, adoring wife, and fan! It was a great afternoon and we had a lot of fun!

About the pictures: Danny is #73. In the first 2 pictures you can see him (same stance in both). In the 3rd, he's in the middle of the field waiting on the kick off return. Then there's me and Juanita. Nate saying 'hi' to Daddy during halftime (I didn't get a great pic so I'm not posting one, but they had a remote control airplane that was very cool.... it was big enough that Nate could've sat in it). The next picture is of the team coming before the crowd and celebrating (Danny's 2nd to last on the far right). Lastly, Micah was given some gifts for his birthday. We have friends that are so caring and thoughtful.

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