Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The News Is Out!

Many of you have probably heard...

Baby Caldwell is on his/her way! My approximate due date is June 28th. Nathan is excited and actually knows what it means this time. When we were expecting Micah he had no clue... so this time, Micah has no clue. I am feeling sick as usual. The nauseous-ness is bad and this time a new symptom-- migraines! This is the part I dread, but know it'll be worth it. Pray for us as we transition thru this. Danny is being such a great helper!

Also, we heard that Danny's sister, Zandra will be having Baby #2 about the same time our Baby is due! That'll be nice to have cousins close in age.

We're preparing for David & Britney's visit. They leave 2 weeks from tomorrow! Pray for their safety in travel and to stay healthy as the trip approaches.



Terri said...

I am so happy for you!!!! I hope you start feeling better soon. Jennae let out the good news Sunday night to us!!!

The 4 Baiers said...

I am so very excited for you! I know you are excited as well. Thank you again for thinking of me and calling me! You redeemed yourself with the good news! When you first called I thought something was terribly wrong for you to be calling so late. Keep me posted as I know you will. Love and miss you!!

Wendy Nguyen said...