Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My Grandma (Mom's mom) is not doing well.

This is what I've been told and hopefully it's all correct as there were a lot of things to take in. Last week she was taken to the hospital with pneumonia and trouble breathing. They discovered she has an enlarged heart, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, an infection, and then after some complaints of chest pains (higher up than normal) they found she has a VERY bad gall bladder problem. She was not a candidate for surgery because of all the sudden health problems, but they said if she did not have this surgery she wouldn't last long. So we prayed the surgery (happened on Sunday) would be successful and it was --of sorts. They discovered her immune system was no longer existent and that is why her body didn't give hardly any signs like fever, etc. Long story short, they removed the gall bladder that had been "dead" for sometime and noticed it has infected much of her body. The Dr. said the next 48 hrs. were critical (that ends today). She has been on all sorts of meds and a machine so her body wouldn't have to over work for basic stuff.

Just a couple of hours ago my Dad called and said that my Aunt had called and the Dr. has said to call the family (to Indiana). Now her kidneys are failing. My Dad, Mom, and Uncle Dan (he just moved to Texas on Sunday for a job) will be driving today. Please pray for us. If you've been reading this blog long you may remember my Grandpa (Mom's dad) passed away in February 2007. Pray for my Mom, my Aunts-Robin & Cindy, and Uncle Dan.



The 4 Baiers said...

We are praying for safe travel for your parents and uncle and are praying for you since you are not able to be there! Just know we love you and are thinking about you!

The Baiers

felicia said...

I am praying for your parents, mom especially. I know this must be tough on her. I am also praying for you, I know you aren't feeling well on top of everything else.