Monday, December 08, 2008

Day in Slovenia

We have friends, the Brinlee's, that live in Slovenia... just 45 min. away and we had lunch with them and asked them to show us around the old part of their city. Danny & I go to Slovenia often to the mall (they have a couple of things in their grocery store we can't get here in Austria and vice versa for them too and a mexican restaurant that isn't that bad when you're not around it at all-haha!) but don't know anything about the city itself. We also learned more about history. There is a picture of a building with a little balcony and that is where Hitler stood and gave a speech. Interesting. I also discovered awhile back a coffee place in the mall that makes a very similar mocha frappaccino from starbucks and so of course I had to stop there and get some. Danny, David, and Britney were practical and got warm versions. haha. Nathan enjoyed seeing the B's kids and getting some play time in as well.


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