Thursday, December 11, 2008

December activities

We began the month with my 30th birthday on December 1st. Yes, I know... there's no way I'm 30?!?! haha ; ) My guys took me out to dinner that night. I was having my pregnancy cravings and at the last minute I asked for mexican food. Well, the only place for that is 45 min. away in Slovenia. So we headed that way and had a really nice relaxing family night (sorry, B's).

Danny and some of my friends wanted to throw me a surprise party... but because it was going to be after my birthday they decided to let me in on when it was happening. So Sunday afternoon about 20 people showed up (quite a few families couldn't make it and really..... I have no idea where we'd have put them!). Our friends took care of the food, cake, snacks.... everything. They even did the clean up. Now that's my kind of party! haha. It was really fun and just so great to look around and see how God has blessed my life with friends who just a couple of years ago I didn't even know. We've already got a Christmas party in the works. It's become a yearly event and every year a new family attends. There is always lots of laughing and yummy snacks. The kids are starting to out number us though :)

Our Sunday bi-weekly services are continuing. There have been many families "hit-n-miss" and it's discouraging at times. But we press on... still lots more people to meet! We're having a Christmas service on the 21st with carols and of course the Christmas Story.

Earlier this week there was a holiday in Austria and Nate didn't have Kindergarten. So we made it a family day. We baked cookies and made chocolate dipped pretzels, watched some Christmas movies, etc. Usually, I do most of the decorating and baking, but this year Nate has taken interest and even helped me put up the tree last week and it was really fun. I have an ornament that is a nail with the name JESUS etched into it and we talked about what it represents. Every night this month we've read parts of the Bible that focus on the time around Christ's birth. We read, sing some songs (Nate has really taken to 'Away in a manger'), and pray. Micah is sooooo cute as he is wanting to pray at bedtime and for meals, it's kinda hard to describe how he does it, but it's just so funny and cute.

Hope your week has been off to a good start. I know this time of year gets busy (I kinda like it), but make sure you take time to enjoy it too. We've got a few Christmas parties to attend/host and between all of our normal routine/schedules it can get pretty busy. But it's a wonderful time of year celebrating the birth of our Saviour and seeing how Nate is understanding/absorbing the meaning of Christmas makes it all the more fun!


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