Friday, January 02, 2009

Bringing in the new year....

So we brought the New Year in with Micah being very sick. He slept most of the day off and on. Last night he had high fever, we brought it down with a lukewarm bath and some medicine and he did well to keep drinking fluids too. In the middle of the night it got really high, so at 3am Micah & I were taking a shower. Afterwards, he wanted to 'cuttle' (cuddle) as he says it and so I got the laptop out and we watched Full House on DVD for a little while. He's been teething really bad, I think his molars are coming in... but what doesn't help is he's also got a bit of a cold that Danny woke up with on Christmas morning. Danny has had a nasty cough and runny nose. Nathan is a little under the weather. He's had a little cough, but not much else. I, however, am still feeling good... let's pray it stays that way! So it's quite pathetic in our house right now. But I'm sure we're on the mends. It just has to get better from here.... right???

But before all this nastiness began I got a couple of snap shots of the most handsomest little boys you'll ever see!



thesawhooks said...

GREAT pictures!!! SOOOO Cute! Hope you guys are back to good health soon!

Steph said...

Love that pic of Micah!