Monday, April 20, 2009

Alot has happened....

...since I last posted.  I didn't have time at first to post anything and then I just didn't feel like it.  Ever have one of those days or a week of just "blahs" and nothing seems to feel/go right?  Well, I have and just didn't feel like writing since I couldn't be all that upbeat ;)

We did have a wonderful Easter.  The week before we had our annual get together with friends and let our kids hunt eggs since we don't all go to the same church.  

Then Easter Sunday we had 15 bodies present.  The Bible study time was good and always great conversation around the Scripture that we read and discussed.  We're a work in progress and learning more about how to connect everything together.  We have some great ideas, but just aren't in a position to put them to use yet.  Keep us in prayer as we have quite a few kids when everyone is there... that's one area that needs some tweaking.  

We always get to church early and Easter Sunday was no different.  It was just beautiful outside and the boys wanted to run around while Danny set-up.  We didn't have to bring our heaters on this day so there wasn't as much unloading from the car.  I got "camera-happy" :)  But when you have these 2 handsome faces to work with... well, it's just fun!

I am teaching English to a group of --as my mom says-- 'mature' women ;)  It's on Monday mornings right after I drop Nate off at Kindergarten.  Then Tuesday mornings I teach English to Nate's class.  We have a few nights a week that either Nate or Danny have practice.  I try to fit in visits with fellow moms, do house keeping, and keep up with life in general.  Lately I've not felt like I'm doing a good job because I can't seem to say 'no' to some of the appointments I've made.  I just don't want to miss an opportunity to be there for someone.  So this is all I'm going to write tonight.  It's a little after 9pm and I'm going to bed.  For those of you who know me this is strange!  I'm usually catching my 2nd wind about now.  But I'm zapped today.  

Hope your week is off to a good start.  Next few posts will include: Gardening/Spring Break, Soccer (Fußball), and Football (American).  


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