Friday, April 03, 2009

Around here...

Danny & I are busy making plans for Easter Sunday.  Please keep us in prayer.  We're praying that those we've invited and have yet to come will take us up on our offer to come that Sunday.  If everyone would show up we would probably have standing room only in our meeting place.  But we'll take one step at a time.  God has coming who He wants there for now and that's fine with us!  

We also want to squeeze in a family day or two next week since Nathan will be on a break from Kindergarten.  He's got some ideas of what he wants to do.... we'll have to see what we can do :)  haha.  He's been seeing a speech therapist and I can see little improvements every week.  It's tough learning two languages. 

This week we got a letter saying the Kindergarten is already full for the Fall enrollment.  So Micah won't be starting there (he would've started in November because he doesn't turn 3 till October) this year, unless there's a cancelation.  That's not really a disappointment for us because I don't know if Micah would be as ready to go as Nate was at 3 yrs. old.   Last summer the government made all Kindergartens free of charge in Austria, so there has been a rise in enrollment. We had placed Nathan in the school so he could get a start on learning German.  He begins "elementary" school in the Fall of 2010.  So that means Nate & Micah won't have a year together in Kindergarten and that makes me a little sad.  But don't worry.... they'll pull--I mean, I'll pull thru (sniff).  haha.  

So have a wonderful weekend and if your weather is looking as good as ours is... go outside and play!


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