Monday, April 06, 2009


Nathan received a bike last year for his birthday, but he just didn't seem to take to it very well.  This year he's a riding machine!  

He wants to learn without the training wheels. I was holding the back of the seat and once he got pedaling he said, "ok, mom, let go!" (mind you, he's never gone without the training wheels and this was the first time I've held on for him). I told him it might not be a good idea yet, but I'd stay real close if he wanted to try. Well, he started to lean and kept leaning....
After some cleaning (he never cried--a little wimper because of the medicine, but I can't get over what a tough little boy we have!) and a band-aid he said it might be a better idea if he kept his training wheels on a little longer ;)  But I told him that we could keep working on it this Spring/Summer and I was sure he'd get the hang of it really soon.  I think he didn't realize how much of a help those training wheels are to him.  Like I said, he didn't ride it much last year.  He struggled just riding with the TW last summer.  This year he's quite fast with the help of the TW, he just needed to do it step by step.

Micah is enjoying having the tractor all to himself.  He can really tear down the street in it!  But it does frustrate him that he can't keep up with Nate.  So he pedals for awhile and then stops and yells at Nate (who is at the end of our dead end street) to "Come back here!".  He also insists on wearing the helmet he normally wears when I or Danny take him on our bikes.  Safety first :)  

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