Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So this isn't going to be the 'catch-up' blog that actually needs to be written in terms of family life, but here's a couple of things to update you.

First of all, about 2 weeks ago I made a huge mistake.  Danny & I were exhausted and we decided to put in a movie in my laptop and watch it in bed (because usually one of us falls asleep really fast!).  Well, as I was getting everything in place, I forgot/did not see that I had placed a glass of ice water on my night stand (something I never do) earlier and with a light bump of the nightstand the glass spilled all OVER my open laptop.  I jumped up and as the laptop shut itself off, I turned it upside down as I watched in horror all the water that came pouring out.  My ever calm hubby tells me we can't do anything about it now and to let it dry out over night.  I cried myself to sleep.

The next day was Nathan's actual birthday (the party was the weekend before).  He wanted to spend the day out because some generous family members (M & S and G & G) sent him money so he could actually try shopping on his terms (by the way, he loved it and was already making mental lists of things he was going to buy next year).  So that worked nicely because we took my laptop to the Mac store while we were out and about.  We had the extended warranty from when we bought it not quite 2 yrs. ago in the States.  I was sad that it was going to take nearly 2 weeks to fix, but relieved that there shouldn't be any reason that my 'stuff' was gone.  Please don't send me emails about backing up my computer.  I am fully aware of it.  That is Danny's territory and he kept telling me I needed to do it awhile back... I explained I've not the first idea how to do that so he said he would...........!

We soon realized that this beloved laptop of mine was more than just missed by me.  Nathan & Micah were supposed to do a video chat with my parents for Nate's birthday... well, my laptop is the only computer with a camera.  Also, I usually do a video chat with my brothers and their families and one of Danny's sisters too.  Then that first Sunday without my laptop came and we realized that all our worship music was in my itunes.  So Sunday we just did an acapella song with the kiddos that were there.  

Fast forward to this week.  It's now official--my laptop is dead.  They said it's not covered under the warranty because spilling something is a form of "abuse".  I tried to get Danny to tell them I would never 'abuse' my laptop... I love it!  It was an accident.  Just ask anyone in our house and they'll tell you I am soooo very particular about how close you get to my Mac with food or drink.  Anyway, they said they would get everything off for us (we're thinking some kind of disc, etc) ... well, when we picked it up yesterday they gave us the hard drive.  That's it.  They charged us for unscrewing the back of the computer and taking out a piece of hardware and closing it back up!  Well, good grief!  Danny could've done that since the computer is "worthless" now. 

So, technically I can still blog and check email, facebook, etc.  but it's just not the same. Danny's Mac is so very old (we got it before Nathan was born!) and you can't unplug it for more than 3-5 minutes (I might be exaggerating, but it's really a short time span) before it'll die.  We have replaced the battery and it just won't hold up.  We're working out what we need to do now... some of you may think this is silly, but it's my "life-line" to family back in the States.  I send and post lots of photos and now I can't download them much less "tweak" them.  It's got all our music, video capabilities, and well, it was just so nice to have my own computer.  Ok, I'm whining... I have just been so distraught about this because it was my fault.

There you have it.

On to happier thoughts... our "church" plant is going well.  We had a very constructive meeting a couple of weeks ago and got some great imput from those attending.  The summer will be slow as nearly all Europeans take some very extended vacations and since we're a small group as it is, we'll try to work with everyone's schedule.

Nathan has about 3-4 weeks left of school.  I don't remember the actual date because I'm down in the basement on Danny's computer and it has none of my info/calendar stuff on it... oh stink!  I'm sorry... I'm whining again.  Nate is very excited about Kindergarten being out.  He wants to have play-dates with all his friends here at our house!  YIKES!  He has also learned to ride his bike with no more training wheels.  He announced to us in early May that he was going to be 5 yrs. old and no longer needed pull-ups at night.  I really have just been too busy to tell him that, but you know... this is Nathan.  When he puts his mind to it, he'll get it done.  I'd say we've only had 2 accidents in about 3 weeks or so and those were nights that we were out late and he had something to eat/drink till nearly bedtime and then slept so deep.

Micah is so much fun!  He's talking soooooo much and so clearly too.  He wants to ride a bike as well, but his little legs aren't long enough.  He's potty training himself and doing a fantastic job!  We kinda held back because we just didn't do it right with Nate (we were such rookies!). It's nice that it's getting to be summer time because he can just run around in the backyard and find a tree! haha.  FYI, I grew up in the Philippines where people urinated on our wall to our house... we also now live in Europe... please don't tell me he can't pee outside or be naked in our private back yard :)  

Wow-- ok, seems like I did just do a lot more updating than I originally thought.  On the previous post I mentioned 

Nate's actual birthday- check!
My clumsiness- check!
Tears due to... - check!
Potty training and dry nights- check!

The rest I just don't have it in me and/or need photos to accompany them.  So we're working on what we can do to get a stable/reliable MAC laptop for me/us... technically Danny could use one too.  haha.  Till next time...


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Amanda said...

sooooo sorry girl!!!! My heart hurts for you, I totally understand and I will be praying for you and for a solution :) Luv ya