Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mia Grace is here!

Nearly 3 weeks ago, my friend Karen gave birth to her 3rd daughter, Mia. She's just a doll and such a good, good, baby. Which is much needed after Karen (and my) experience with our 2nd kiddos-haha. Nina & Micah are awesome toddlers, but they gave both families some sleepless nights in their early months. So, Congrats to Hannes, Karen, Emily & Nina! Mia is a keeper :)

I have to brag on Karen too. She's a great friend and so good with my boys. Our kids are best buddies. On my 2nd or 3rd visit, she said I should bring the boys around (by the way, she had to stay 10 days... that's normal for a c-sec. birth here). While I was lovin' on Mia... Micah took an interest in her cool moving bed and so she helped him up and they read a book... well, Nate wasn't going to be left out. I know she had to be exhausted, but she was treating the boys like little Princes.

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